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This page is dedicated to our Latest Kennel News, Letters, Pictures and Comments from individuals who have bought my puppies, met my gang or just had something nice to say.

June 09

Trace and Quincy get their new championship in only a few short showing weekends- Congrats Brothers.. 



May 09

Lyric and Blush obtain their championship at the Thunder Bay Shows


Nov 08

Its been a VERY long summer with 16 puppies and now that they are all gone BUT one- Ive got some great news from the new homes...

Pam in Edmonton

Chaos is everything we wanted, and more! He's got great temperment and he gets along with everyone and everything! When u do decide to breed again, please let me know..we are really interested in another mal! Take care, and thanks again 

Lauren in Toronto 

Hi, Tawny,
Just thought you'd like to know how your boy is doing. We were at the vet Wednesday night for his final shots, so he'll be ready to rumble with the big dogs pretty soon!  In exactly one month, he gained just over 12 pounds - so he is a hefty 36.6 pounds now.  I told the vet that that would be the last time I'm lifting him up on the table.  From now on, they can come down to him!

I noticed last night that, even though he is only about half her height,  his feet are the same size as Deline's - but at least he doesn't trip over them any more.  His coat is coming in very coarse and dark and his markings are just beautiful.

He is truly a sweetheart, and my little cuddle-bug.  Kodiak would never tolerate cuddling, and Deline puts up with it, but with her it's like cuddling coiled steel.  Every night I lie down for a while on Tikhaia's huge bed, and he comes running. He immediately snuggles up against me, and we cuddle until he gets hot (which admittedly isn't very long).  Then we both go off to our separate beds. (He doesn't sleep on the big bed - that's just his cuddling place.  He prefers to curl up on the bare floor in assorted places.)

He has quite the sense of humour.  Most dogs go under the dinner table to beg - he goes under there to steal napkins from people's laps. He is a terrible thief.  In fact - this weekend, I have to find his stash, because a few things have gone missing and I'd like them back.

He has the best digestion and bowels of any dog I've ever had.  Even after his Grandma sneaked him a big bowl of ice cream, (grrr) there wasn't the slightest upset...but...he is working very hard on convincing me that housebreaking is a dumb idea.

He and Deline have become very close, and she has pretty much given up any pretense of being the boss of him.  If she shows her teeth at him now, he licks them.  They wrestle and play and chase constantly.  My house sounds like it contains a herd of wildebeest. It often looks like that, too.

He went to a meeting with his daddy (!) because "the ladies wanted to see him".  I'm not sure what he did, exactly, but one of the ladies suggested we change his name to "Chainsaw."

He is psychic!  I set my alarm for 4:40 am (sob) and he invariably starts to howl at about 4:39. It must be paranormal...there's no clock that he can see, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a wristwatch (although one of the things I'm missing is a wristwatch, so maybe....). Of course, this gets Deline going, so we have had some pretty spectacular early morning howls!

I hope Trace is doing well - I was delighted to see you have him up on your web site.  Please keep in touch!



April 08

Our lives have been focused this past year on our newest puppy, dogs and attending dog shows- 2008 should be a busy puppy year if all goes as planned. 

Aug 07

Christy and Chuck Mclean stopped in to update on their baby boy!

Hi Tawny,
Well, the BIG boy Juneau is a delight, sweet, HUGE (60 lbs at 7 months), and a terror to any dog walking down the hall! He thinks he's tough, but our dainty little Siberian beats him every time (I think he lets her!). Except for the 2:00am "cuddles" (he misses me?), he has turned out to be another love in my life that I didn't even know I needed! Now I couldn't spend a day without him!
I am so glad Chuck found your web site, and that we were able to meet you, your dogs, and take home our beautiful baby. Thank you for trusting us with this special pup-a-dup!

May 07

Rain is the APPLE of Lesley-Ann's eye!!!!!!

I am the proud owner of Rain. Rain is one of Tawny and Breeze's most recent babies....you can see her with her sister if you click on Puppy pics...sooooooo cute. Tawny is awesome and I would recommend that everyone get a puppy/dog from her. Rain is a treat and I'm so glad I chose you as a breeder even if we live a few thousand km's away from each other. I would do it again in a heart beat. She is doing great and when I get a day off I'll be sending more pics.

Baffin goes to his new home in Ottawa- Looks like he fits right in....

The hometown crowd went wild.  Not only did the Ottawa Senators win,
but Baffin was an instananeous hit.  It was trouble to get everyone to
bed at 12:30 am so that I could quiet him down.  He was overheated in the
crate inside the house, as we knew he would be, however, as soon as I
let him sleep on the kitchen floor, he was fine.  We all slept fast.
He'll (OK we'll) adapt and find new ways to keep him in a crate at
He was very talkative this morning and really didn't appreciate the
fact that playtime couldn't go on forever.  Jocelyn will spend the day
with him, so all is well.
Thanks again for everything, I saw you go back to see him one last
time.....it's tough to let them go....
Good luck with the show and we'll send some photo's when we get a


Oct /06 

 Our News from Camrose Alberta- We recieved our ribbon for being #5 in Canada and also made the cut -- 2 out of 3 days at the Speciality, competeing against 45 Mals-We had a great time and survived the 15h non-stop drive from Alberta to Winnipeg(thanks Diane) in snow storms and also a 5 hour wait in the airport to fly back home- We are none worse the ware and HAPPY to be HOME!!! Take a look at some picts.

Just before heading into the ring at the Top 25 Show.


Top 25 Show done and 4 more Shows to go.




LOTS of Mals- Only some of our Competition....At the Speciality










Tawny-"OK Breeze- Concentrate.... Watch Me!"

Breeze- "OK Mom- You watch Me and give me treats"







OK-OK-OK- Quit talkin and give me those treats-I cant hold this position forever.....


Lyric takes Best Puppy in Breed/Best of Opposite all three days at the Lakehead Kennel Club Show --Her first show at 6mos 11 days old-

July 28-30/06- Achieving 2 points towards her championship.



Breeze finishes her Championship and gets a group 4th- Placing her as the #5 Female Alaskan Malamute in Canada for 2005- We are off to Camrose, Alberta in October for the Speciality Show.


A letter from Key West-Florida.

Hi Tawny,
     It is almost 2:30 am and she woke us up to play :) so I feel the need to share this photo with you to let you know why we give our heart and soul to our new addition to our family as I think it captured her true spirit. I will only send you this one photo for now as I think it brings out the true essence of her and all puppies, the sweet innocence and love they give unconditionally makes life so wonderful and worth living. NaNookie has reminded us of Abu in so many ways, We just want to thank you so very much for the chance to enjoy these pleasures once again. Actually words can not describe the joy she has brought us so far and we are looking forward to what is to come. We are glad you found Lazer as we know what it is to miss something you care for dearly. Feel free to put this heartfelt letter and photo on your site if you like. Tawny, we feel so lucky to have found you in the maze of people out there and we are so very glad you trusted us enough with NaNookie (Luna) and that we would raise her with kindness and compassion. I will send you more photos tomorrow but until then I hope you enjoy this photo as much as we do!
Valerie and Jeffrey
Ps... Please view it full screen to get the most out of it, I made it our desk top photo since it was such a good photo.
 NaNookie(Luna) with her new mom in Key West, Florida- A new beginning starts with a Kiss.

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