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Ch Greywolf's Bacardi Breezer

March 27/03



DNA Long Coat Gene- N/F Carrier

  #5 Female Malamute in Canada for 2005

Breeze is my foundation female also from Greywolf Kennels. When looking forward on this journey to start my malamute family I had some pretty specific wants in a PERFECT bitch. She had to have the proper "look"- which meant small ears, blocky head, great coat and movement.  This girl had all that and more! She obtained her Canadian Championship very quickly, has hips and eyes that are certified.

Momma Breeze as she is commonly referred to, is the Queen at our home. She is now 8yrs old and also retired. We had a great ride in the show ring with this girl and even obtained the #5 Female in Canada award in 2005. This was a great honor for us as she had only been shown a limited number of times and was still able to obtain this title. 

Breeze is a sweet, very affectionate girl that plays the Gramma role to all the pups born at our home. She is the tug toy, disciplinarian and overall wise, crabby Gramma. 


Breeze 3 yrs old with her Alaskan Malamute Club of Canada-#5 Female Ribbon


 Walk in the winter wonderland

 Breeze -June 2005


Caught!!!! In mommas chair- Relaxin 21 days pregnant

 The girls having a great day-Doing what they do best, RUNNING. Breeze last and Lyric first.


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