Mals and Friends Mals and Friends Lorca, Tawny and Breeze Hanging out at the lake on a beautiful sunny day. 26215184 Its snowing in summer!!! Lorca and half of his body hair after a good brushing-losing his winter coat. 26215249 Lotus(Lyric) and her duck Ya gotta have friends-even if they are stuffed 26215228 Lyric and Lazer A much needed visit with each other- after Lazer went to his new home- You'd think they were in love if they weren't litter mates. 26215253 Miss Lyric Taking a break at the Winnipeg show 26215254 The Girls and Me Exploring the waterfalls 26215255 Are you in there! Visiting friends in Dryden- Lorca looking in the screen door. 26215257