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  A Bit About Us...

I'm Tawny-SLAVE, FEEDING STATION, TRAINER, PUPPY CUDDLER, POOPER SCOOPER, PEDIGREE RESEARCHER, and MALAMUTE LOVER!(the mastermind of the Polar Breeze Mals) I am a Social Worker and although I'd love to stay home with the dogs all day, we all know you need to make a living and therefore OFF TO WORK I GO!

 I am very involved in the DOG WORLD in many different capacities, I serve as President for NOWDA (Northwestern Ontario Working Dog Association),  Alaskan Malamutes Club of Canada, CKC active member in good standing, I also have various types of schooling in the animal/pet industry.  PolarBreeze K9 Reproductive Services is also a side business that I created for myself and my breeder friends- Specializing in... Semen Collections, Analysis, and Shipping, AI, and Whelping Support. 

When I bought my first Malamute he was only to be a  pet- BUT it wasn't long (3 months) before I started to think about activities we could do together.  I decided to try Conformation Dog Shows-and got "Bit by the Bug"

Now the dogs are all owner/handled and I spend my weekends traveling to/attending dog shows on a regular basis.  Although they love to sled in the winter and show in the conformation ring year round.  My dogs are all family pets first- they cuddle and play ball with the kids, go to the lake to spend a day swimming and enjoy going into town for a ride to the local pet stores.



A Bit About Our Pack...

We are a small kennel located on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior just 10 min. outside of Thunder Bay, Northwestern Ontario. Our home is situated on 2 1/2 acres - there are trails to walk dogs and puppies and a river close by to take everyone swimming.

We believe that by keeping our kennel small we are able to focus on each and every Malamute that lives or is born at our home, and give them the love and attention they rightly deserve. This allows them to show their best possible traits and personality. 

Our dogs spend a lot of one on one time with us and are only in their dog pens when we not home. They absolutely love being outside and you will often find them curled in a ball out in the yard in a rainstorm or snowstorm even though they all have a doghouse they could hang out in.

All have time in the house in the evening to spend "pack time" and even get the odd chance to cuddle on the couch.

 Back Dog Yard

The dog yard has been made in attempts to create an environment that is similar to being loose and the ability to run free.

 Back of Kennels


Front Dog Yard



"I encourage everyone to come and check out our home, meet the gang, and ask all the questions you can.  We will be glad to meet you, enjoy allowing you to get to know our four-legged family and help you understand what living with a malamute is ALL about."

 My love for dogs started back before I can remember, while growing up there were always dogs in my home. My interest in Malamutes started approximately 14 years ago and as I lived in the north and did many outside activities I needed a dog that could withstand the temperatures and enjoy our ice cold winters- a Malamute!

After many months of researching breeders, reading books, searching websites, and learning EVERYTHING I could including talking to many educated people, I decided to attend a dog show in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  That fateful day is when I met Diane Tracy of Greywolf Kennels and after much talk and picture showing- I bought my first Alaskan Malamute puppy(who was 5 weeks old at the time).  Back to Winnipeg, I went in just three short weeks after out initial meeting, to pick up my baby boy. 

To make a long story-SHORT, I'm now completely owned and a slave to my Malamutes, some of which live with me and others I co-own and live with good friends. 

 Who says that Mals don't get along with cats!!!

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